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Two U14 Bugs That I've Found


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Not entirely sure if this has been mentioned before, but, about 30 min ago i was hosting some Orokin Derelict Assassination runs to try and find the silvia and ageis stance. The bug is after the mission ended and we were returned to our ships, twice i was using the chat and when i tried to exit the chat to select the mission again, everything froze in a way. my cursor could be seen at all times, couldn't bring up escape menu, couldn't move my warframe, or anything else. All I could do was access chat and talk. At the time I was hosting, possibly making this a hosting bug, so if anyone can help out and possibly confirm that this also happens from a squad members end I would appreciate it.


The second bug occured when I was re-inviting players whom had accidentally been disconnected after the mission. As I was trying to invite a recent player back to the squad so I had the invite screen up with the list of recent players. I was also attempting to find one more player to run the mission with us. Every time I hit enter to send a chat message, an invite was sent to the recent player that I had selected.

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