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New Warframe Idea - Tech/summoner Warframe


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I've noticed that there aren't any warframes that sommon minions to help them. Sure theres mirage now who summons up dopple gangers to help her but there not actual minions, or have a mind of there own.


So my Idea is of a Tech based warframe that summons up robots/droids that support them and their allies.


I was thinking and these abilities came to mind as a first impression.


1) You summon a stationary turret to a location. the turret can stick to any surface and has a full 360 firing arc. it starts off with relatively low health and shields, and as you upgrade the power you are able to spawn up to three with a medium health and shield capacity.


2) You summon a healing drone that follows you like a second Sentinal and will heal other players if they are close enough. Alternately instead of a drone, its a pillar that sits wherever you spawn it.


3) You summon up to two moving turrets that are a little more tank than the stationary ones. these ones just follow you like a rescue target.


4) now bear with me on this one. This warframe is meant to start off pretty weak and pathetic and so needs all of his minions. The last ability encases the warframe in armour that greatly bulks out his profile and doubles his modified shields, shield recharge and armour, but reduses his movement speed by 40%. this effect lasts until his health hits 50%.\ then the armour breaks and his shields a returned to 100% without the armours effects.


I reckon it might be a bit over powered as he would also have all of his minions with him, but he would be great in a defence or survival mission on his own or with others.


As a background, I figured I'd give him somthing siilar to Valkyrs except that he was trapped behind grineer lines and was forced to use grineer tech to repair his warframe and then it adapted to the treatment.


No idea for a name yet, any ideas would be welcomed. I don't often go onto the forums so please don't expect a responce anytime soon, Im sorry but its just me... plus my internet is terrible...

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