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Jupiter Tileset : Radar Pathfinding Fix Needed


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Well, well well.


A lot in the title so I'll add here as an aspect that turn neural sensor farm too annoying.


Jupiter is the only place where we can farm some neural sensor, usefull in a lot of usual craft.

The tileset is beautiful for sure, but too large, could be fun in survival, but when you farm the same one boss...


All the large vertical area could be fun and give a nice feeling of space, I understand the spirit of the tileset..


How many time a group lose cause of multiple floor...

And too many time we spawn and got an objectif lose in the middle of no-where, or extract after mission complete.

So please, deal with the huge room you've created, put more pathfinding flag or something.


This is an big thing how give jupiter tileset a poor attract


I enjoy all the job done, all the stuff add, but don't forgot to fix all the already existing works...

Or give us more neural sensor farm spot (if the radar fix is too tricky) :3

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