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One More Reason Why Trinity Rocks.


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I've been playing only with Trinity after U14 and especially Defense,


but just NOW I noticed she can heal the pod with Blessing... don't know if this happens always, and if this is a bug or a new feature really.


If that's intended, it is probably the coolest add ever even though it's not that realistic of Trinity.


But I like it. Mucho.



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Hotfix 12.3.9: Fixed a bug where Blessing healed the mission objective

I figured its a bug. Yeah this is gonna be fixed soon. 



Valkyr gives the pod more armor and Mag can replenish its shields...

Yes this is true, but neither of these abilities provide invulnerability to the pod. Yes it may be shorter now cause of the changes for Trinity but still. WIth Mag you can bring up the shields, while the health still has to heal. Valkyr just makes it take less damage. Trinity can heal completely and provide seconds of invincibility. Not in the same league

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