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Kubrow Suggestions


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An alternative to the color scrambler, could be craftable color patterns (only purchasable from the orokin lab maybe, due to the Kubrow in stasis found there, maybe?) or use the color patterns as rewards in fx. void or derelict, or maybe even add a hidden room with a few stasis containers(without kubrows in them or decaying kubrow bodies/Skeletons from the orokin era (with maybe one or more Orokin Kubrow statues like in the vaults?). And maybe u could get Corrupted Mods for your Kubrow in there aswell? or maybe switch between Fur and mod randomly? And maybe add a feature to alter the muscularity? Thin, Fat, Tall etc.


Also, the Sunika Kubrow (or mine at least) doesnt attack normal NPC's until im within melee range, im thinking you should add a mod that is simiplar to Shade*s Revenge mod, or a mod like Wyrms Warrior mod, at the very least, do increase its range when it comes to finding and attacking enemies. And do consider adding an Aura mod for the Kubrows, maybe health, shields or enemy radar, maybe even somethining similar to Steel Charge.


Also consider Armor on Kubrows, they are, after all beasts of war.

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This has been well-discussed within that one thread already. Most individuals seem to prefer separate color packs not unlike the ones already in the market. This is because it does not cut into DE's profits, but people still get what they want.


I'd be fine with an aura mod if it did not affect the entire cell of Tenno. We can already do some insane things with aura stacking as it is.

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