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Cut Off Ancient's Arm During Pull


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I am a big fan of the new Infested changes (especially the Ancient auras) and potential for challenge, but a few small tweaks are needed to keep combat fair.


Being pulled by a visually obscured Ancient that's behind a row of chargers/leapers, into an aura of energy draining/toxic allies is simply unfair. Also, being dragged around slowly, so the nearby enemies can get in another lick or two is frequently lethal.


But Pull is telegraphed, you say. Yes, but not when the Ancient is behind allies, above/below you (which is common on their ships) or anywhere out of LOS. Basically, Ancient Pull in its current state is often an unavoidable death sentence.


However, it's a great concept, works well with the Aura and the faction; and is very easy to fix.


How To Fix Ancient's Pull


  • Shooting the Ancient while being pulled should cause him to release us. We need to be able to free aim and shoot when in this state.


  • Tapping melee immediately after being pulled should quick-melee, and cut the arm off. This doesn't require any fancy animation, just a regular quick melee slash and the arm being retracted.


  • Countering the Ancient in either of the above ways should severely wound, if not kill the Ancient outright. Possibly deal finisher or red crit damage.


  • Other enemies should not be able to melee us while we are being pulled. The point of the pull is to get you into the aura, not to kill you along the way.


The Infested are close to being both challenging and fair - but a few small issues like this can have big ramifications on how it feels to face them. These changes will help keep melee a viable course of action against Infested.


Please continue to fix and tweak the Infested (especially need to reduce the Ancient and Drone spawn rates, way out of hand!) so we can enjoy a fair challenge playing against them.

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Was about to make a thread suggesting the same thing! I especially agree with the idea that this counter deals extreme damage to the Ancient in question, too, it'd be a real reward for being fast and aware enough to counter the attack.

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