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Falling Out Of The Map -> Death


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Okay, so it's been a long recurring issue that sometimes you fall out of the map and keep falling until you die. Now, while fixing the clipping issue in the first place is a preferable solution, I don't understand why what currently happens does, especially when it seems easily fixed.


It seems like it should be simple to teleport the player to the nearest "teleport back to stage" location they had been by, but I'm not entirely sure how that mechanism works, so maybe not. I really don't understand though, why you die after a bit. It's not like reviving helps; every time I revive from a fall-out-of-map death, I respawn outside the map again so it just wastes the revive.


This is a long-running issue that hasn't really seen much attention, and it happened to me two games in a row while teleporting around with bladestorm. I hope DE can do something about it.

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