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First, when we get eggs, because I go to buy the props gene, but found it impossible to use. 
I want to ask the official adjust, if we find genes that track with the problem, which should be in stores as well as the interface. 
Stop players to buy props, and stop the interface among the functions. 
I just purchased and can not be used because it leads to a waste of money.
It feels very good, hope to improve, but also contains other similar problems. 
Second, when the fighting after the end of each round, if you quickly press the ESC key, and sometimes cause problems when the machines. 
This issue needs to do what the official test.
The third question, on entering the game, I hope you can use the mouse to point each planet can know immediately what resources to facilitate viewing. 
Fourth, if there is no intention to leave the checkpoint, which is in a glass cabin, you can display the current picture of the planet?
The fifth idea, and I hope the cabin glass, can widen, and has a relatively broad perspective.
These are my suggestions.


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