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How To Make The Gameplay On My Pc Better?



Hi, I recently got possesion of an old computer i used to use . i installed Warframe on it , but its slow and laggy..
how do i make it less laggy and most bearable possible ?
here are my specs :

Hp Pavillon Slimline S3421p
Windows Vista home premium Service pack 2
Processor : AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5200 + 2.10Ghz
Memory - Ram  : 4G.b Ram
System Type  : 32-bit

Thank you

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Turn off as many settings as possible, set the resolution to the lowest it will go. In the launcher, uncheck 64 bit and dx 11, so that it will run in 32 bit and directx 9, and then see how it goes. There really isn't a whole lot of teaks you can do past that.


Even so, with those stats, and the fact it probably has integrated graphics, I can't say I'm confident that rig will be able to get any kind of good framerate. It just might not be possible.


*edit* nevermind about the integrated graphics I type slow, but it's still probably going to have trouble regardless.

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That's an awfully old CPU. I don't think you're going to see good results with it, regardless of GPU.


I had a 4800 AMD64x2 back in...man...'05ish? That's a 10 year old machine.


Even running everything at absolute minimum I think you're going to have real issues. The machine is just flat out obsolete. PC gaming is upgrade or die. Buying a new box should be a priority.

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