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Unable To Play With Friends Strict Nat (Port Forward)


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Hello my name is dixxy... thats irrelevant but i love this game and ever since i installed it im trying to play it with my friends... i cannot.. join sessions we can not trade we cannot do anything and its basicly starting to get very boring for me cuz i cant play with my friends.. any of them.. strict nat ... detected.. i hope you can fix this fast.. Cuz its really annoying 
when i logg in "STRICT NAT DETECTED UpNP not detected please forward udp ports 3960 3962 to"

so i did everything possible in the bible.. i changed forwards.. i changed and enabled unpnp contacted my modem supportes did everything even changed the udp ports NOTHING WORKS "CAN NOT PLAY WITH FRIENDS" hope to be adressed soon!!!!!!!

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Have you tried updating the routers firmware?  Or perhaps a different/new router?

Also came across this tidbit:

if you own your own router (you're not renting one from your ISP) and you don't like your firmware, then you can try an open source firmware such as Tomato or DD-WRT.  Just search for tomato firmware or dd-wrt firm.  In most cases they are superior to the manufacturer's default firmware.


Also, are you the only warframe player on your home network?

Saw another report of someone fixing this after port forwarding by reinstalling warframe.

One other thing to try is to turn off windows firewall.

Also found this.  Yay google.

I had the same problem. The ports were forwarded, UPnP enabled and everything was ok, but the game still gave me that "Stritct NAT"-warning. I noticed that many have gotten this issue solved by reinstalling the game so I decided to test something else. I started the WF launcher and clicked the small gear in the upper right corner and from that menu ran the defrag of the download cache. This cleared the issue for me.

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Thank's for the reply m8 ... and i did.. doesnt work.. different router is a big move.. and i dont wanna do that..  tryed to defrag.. didnt work.. windowws firewall doesnt work... xD i srsly dont know what to do... (IM THE ONLY PLAYER OF WARFRAME On my network ) 

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Tried the reinstall too?  I'd try a firmware update / different firmware like the above at least before a new router and a fresh install of warframe after.

Think it boils down to the router at least from my experience with this a looooooooooong time ago and from what I've found in searches and such.

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