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Pallene - Waypoint Error


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So this mission is a capture mission. After capturing the hostage as usually, it tells me to look for an object. So I follow the orange checkpoint but it seems to have glitched on me. The checkpoint is right on top of a door. I've checked both the bottom floor and top floor of the area and there is no other way to access the checkpoint. It seems "stuck". This is my first occurence, so I am not sure if it might be my game.

However, I thought I would let you guys know just in case this might be an actually bug.

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This also happens to me (whether online-solo or with a group), the minimap will glitch and wont update the checkpoints (usually after capturing target); e.g. the objective point will show the exit but the moment you enter the next room, the waypoint will direct you back to the room that you just left. It has only happened to me once or twice.

Also, another bug [maybe?] that I think is quite important to fix during Capture Missions; when a player captures the intended target and either disconnects, quits, or dies (with revive or not) the captured target disappears and there is no way to retrieve said target once lost. This unfortunate bug also occurs when an individual player holds a keycard that is necessary to proceed to the next stage and dies/dc's/quits/etc.

(Edit: Oops, didn't mean to hijack. Will post a new thread if needed)

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