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Foundry: Unable To Craft Certain Items


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I've looked into my foundry wanting to craft an orokin derelict assassinate key but the foundry does not show up despite me having the blueprint.




here's my inventory for evidence that i have the orokin derelict assassinate blueprint.




EDIT: i just realised the foundry is also missing my Vay Hek key blueprint.

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There are a lot of people having this issue who've posted in various places.  I haven't seen a DE reply yet.


I had an extra bit of fun with it today.  I actually got my Assassinate key blueprint back in the Foundry!  I crafted the key!  Came back in an hour, claimed it, and was doing some color fiddling.  The game crashed while I was doing that.  I came back in, and the Assassinate blueprint was gone again, and my key was nowhere to be found.


It's a good thing I have an overabundance of resources, but that's just plain silly to have something I just made disappear like that.

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