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Prime Warframes And Their Abillities


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I am somewhat of a Veteran player (Joined before the Fusion Moa Event), and i got to say how underwhelmed i am by the Prime Warframes as their name implies complete Superiority, but the slight increase of certain stats seem a little low.

what most players favor them for is for their Aesthetical Value, not the stats.


What if each Warframe had specialized attacks that wont only look differently, but also have a higher damage potential if used right? each of these abillities would be Orokin-themed like the Warframes themselves.


Maybe these mods wouldn't even be pre-built but instead found as VERY-RARE drops from mobs.


For Instance: Imagine a Vauban Prime in the distant future, with the abillity to throw Tesla Mines alike those of Captain Vor. who don't just zap once, but zap contiously and multiple targets.


Frost Prime turning his enemies Into a Gold-glittery figurines with higher damage?


Such things would make the Prime Frames much more desireable... i also think if that change would be made, the primes shall be harder to obtain.


Thank you for your Time.

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The Attacks itself dont necessarily need to have higher damage, but since these warriors are straight from the Orokin-Era and are created by these Ominous Sentient sacks of Playdough, i think its only reasonable that the abillities would be themed to fit their own style and obviously undertone that they are PRIME.

otherwise i could just as well play with the normal Frame.

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personally, I'd love the prime frames to have "reskined" powers, but not reworked, they need to work the same way, and be the same mods.


that said, I'd much rather see DE work on additional powers beyond the standard 4, and allowed us to switch them out. Like if there were 6 powers for Excalibur, a power that spawns a supply crate or something that could spawn health and ammo, and a power that buffs every friendly's shield recharge rate and provides additional armor/damage mitigation for certain amount of time.


They could make powers that function as an alternative ultimate, or synergize with their other powers. Ember could get a buff power that gives all friendlies up too +50% fire damage and status chance to inflict "ignite" on all their powers and weapons, and a power that stacks off of how many friendlies and enemies are on fire around her, like a passive power that the player toggles on and off, granting her health regen per second for each enemy on fire, etc (it's drain effected by how many enemies are being effected by it, maybe an addition 2 energy a second for each enemy on fire, but the health regen would be strong).


They could do a lot more to make the warframes just....feel better. but that may be too ambitious right now, I dunno.

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