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Lephantis Is Not The Problem, Bugs Are


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Well... not only the boss is freaking tough to kill (but that's not too bad unless it becomes impossible to kill) - but the whole stage is bugged as hell. I tried completing the mission with a clan mate. He had killed him already during each stage, while on my end the boss was still alive! All he could see was me shooting at the air and getting insanely damaged by something which he could not see, or shoot back.

Also, the Ancient Infested head's projectiles seemed to track my movements, although I hope that's just my imagination.

Finally, during the second phase I destroyed one head, but the floor debris surrounding the head (that would have normally appeared during the first) were left stuck in air.


Note: both my mate and I were using Mirage. I was using the Dread, he was using a Miter. On his end, he disintegrated Lephantis' heads, while I did little damage. Now he's telling me, though, that as a host his Miter does WAAAY less damage than he did during the previous mission.


Here you go! Hope this can be solved, and I strongly hope it doesn't happen with other bosses as well!

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Thats intereting. There used to be bug that screwed up damage on him, I think it only allowed the host to do any damage.

I two manned it twice this morning with a clanny, and felt that level 69 and 71 lephantis was a little harsh.

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