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More Organized Selling please???


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i've got pages full of mods i don't know what to do with. Can we have the option to right click and with a confirmation or drop down to sell mods in the arsenal upgrade UI? its easier to compare with other mods and see what u need and what u dont want to keep there. Rather than tryin to remember what u wanted to get rid of and finding it in the misc tab.

That misc tab shoudl also be categorized by weapon type tabs and a tab for foundation items.

***and please change it so after i sell one item i don't go automaticly back to the first page when i was on page # whatever

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I think hey just need to get rid of the Misc section completely. Give mods their own proper section with proper organization. By level, rarity, class/type, least/most expensive, etc.

Some caparing tools would be nice too!

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