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An Important Suggestion About Suggesting


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Well everyone,


We have Update 14 now. I'm sure you've heard all of the complaints, blah blah blah.


All problems in future however, can be solved in ONE SIMPLE STEP.


BEFORE you suggest anything. Do NOT use any of the following words: "Mandatory", "Forced", "SHOULD", "Required", "Must", etc.


In essence, when making a suggestion DO NOT, use any word that suggests that a player must do something. We are not slaves to the game, we are players. Therefore do not suggest something that takes the aspect of 'play' away.


Already I see tons of people asking for weird things like, mandatory parkour rooms, or difficult to traverse terrain.


Well, do you want to know where all the 'suggesting' has gotten us?


- Bosses that have scaled up INSANELY (for those without superior weaponry)

- Infested are just buffed into near total UNPLAYABILITY (for those without superior weaponry)

- XP for leveling stuff has dropped off so much, it's just inconvenient now to grind your weapons. (but it can still be done if you put in the time)


Now don't get me wrong. I still solo bosses, hell I do like 80 - 90% of the DPS on most runs...but don't you feel bad for the people who are still using their unpotatoed Braton?...who, because of one player in the room, see a freakin' level 47 Alad V?


People...we have to be FAIR. Yes, us end-game players want more challenging content, but it should NOT come from UPGRADING the present content for the end-gamers. Instead NEW content for end-game should be released.


I will now demonstrate my principle with a few simple suggestions:


Return all current content to PRE-UPDATE 14  difficulty levels. This will make things fair for the beginners in Warframe.


Release a new solar/star system where all the end-game content will go, OR, release an addition to the current one: Since we already have the Void, I will call this new one 'Orokin Temple'.


Now let's run with this suggestion of an Orokin Temple:


- First, to unlock the temple, you must do a T4 mission of each type. This shows that you have cleared the void and have earned the right to enter the temple.


- The temple will contain much tougher bosses, equivalent to the new Lephantis we are seeing now (because he is really fun to beat at the present level, but it's not fun for those who aren't bringing 4 forma'd Soma's like I am). I am going to suggestion an 'Orokin Golem'. He will have three phases, rather than three heads, with each one requiring you fight on multiple levels in a vertically spaced room. Utilizing parkour (if you dare to take the risk), you can reach the higher levels faster, by sprinting up the walls. However the Golem is free to attack you while you are doing so and if you are hit by one of his bolts, you fall back down to the previous level (like falling into a no-go space). Now if you want the guarantee of going up a level, you have to take the elevator, but this requires time and during that time the Golem may heal or prepare an attack. Ideally, a skilled coordination between one frame who can get to the higher level and delay the charge up or the healing, would be ideal while waiting for the team. This type of boss fight, would be a real boss fight that would offer a challenge of skill as opposed to creating a super-damage sponge Lephantis. This is the same boring boss, but he just takes ages to kill, no real skill involved other than dodging.


   Adding on to this suggestion, due to the boss being as tough as the new Lephantis, you would need to go in with fully forma'd and potato'd weaponry.


- The temple will also contain other mission types designed to challenge end-game players (without the excessive damage sponges of survival). My suggestions so far are as follows:


1) Genocide: Like extermination, but be prepared to fight entire hordes that will ALL rush at you. No breaks, very limited cover. Furthermore the team spawns in four different locations, it is up to you to link up. Warframe energy pool is halved at the beginning of the mission and it is ONLY restored at set points or after killing a certain amount of enemies [Energy Siphon is going to be a necessity now]. This means you have to think about when you should be using your skills. Like the ranking tests there will also be a time-limit. If you fail, the horde size is reduced by 25% but so will your final reward. This goes on to a hard-cap at 75%.


2) Retribution: You've been hunted by the Stalker/G3/Zanuka...and who knows what else in future? Payback time, now YOU hunt a series of bosses. The mission starts out like a Capture mission, where your targets are pointed out. However if alarms are triggered and REMAIN triggered when fighting the target, the target will have a lot of nasty little troops to aid him, since they know of your presence. Hence, you now have to be careful. Kill the troops along the way, bring at least ONE silent weapon to assist you in this (Despair, Kunai, or a Bow-man). If alerted, disable it quickly. No rushing allowed because if one rusher gets to the boss first...the fight starts immediately, and since the boss will be a buffed up Stalker-like boss (a new Low Guardian) you are likely to DIE without your full team. This goes on until all targets are dead. Very well done Tenno, you've assassinated the VIPs. Time to go home.


So, in conclusion:


When suggesting, please take balance of the game into account.


Also if my present suggestions are liked, I'll flesh them out more and place them in a more appropriate section.


Thanks for reading.

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