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Bladeofthetenno Is Looking For Members To Join!


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Edit on the thread, BladeOfTheTenno is still looking for players to join. Clan dojo is finished building with 12 dueling room's and 2 obsticale course, i know its "overkill" to make that many duel room's, but that is how i made it, and it looks to fit well to the build i was planing for the dojo :3

But current goal left is to run trough the dojo once more and look for more options to make the dojo better, and fix it before i make it to a storm clan. Yes, i will transfer it over to a storm clan once its finished. I will maybe post some dojo map on the forums to BOTT (BladeOfTheTenno). And the emblem has not been made since i have been busy with modeling the dojo... but i have some idea of how i will make it, but if members join they can come with some idea's of their own, if they want to. But for now i got some stuff to do and thing's to make, and if you think this dojo is overkill, i will make the same on the PC clan as well :P


"BladeOfTheTenno will rise by the blade, and anyone in it's path will feel the pain!" Are you more creative than me on making a phrase, then please leave a phrase. I would be very grateful and will make sure you get back for a great phrase :3  


Clan made on 21.July.


Well i hope to see you guys on the warzone, but for now i will take my leave. PrOphetXD, out!




Thread post from 22.July


"BladeOfTheTenno is looking for members that want or are looking for a clan to join. The clan is newly made and dose not have all the requirements that a basic tenno is looking for :/ 

But if you are looking for a dojo that is new and would like to join it and see it progress and upgrade as it goes, then you are welcome to join. Labs are on it's way, and will be soon in use. There is no requirements to join, only that you are willing to be more active.

As for now there has been made a steam group and a enjin clan website, visit either on of them for more info, or if you want to know how the clan is progressing.



http://steamcommunit...bladeofthetenno (possible the main site)


The clan is not been added to any alliances yet, any alliance request is accepted.

Emblem and Lore is accepted in the steam group.

Any idea's are accepted as well, discussion will take place in the forums (steam group or enjin)

As for communication, there has been no plan's for that yet, but possible Razer Comms or Skype."

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do this clan have alliance?  i have big one and everyone welcome


No the clan is not in alliance with anyone, and to say there is not enough members in here to get on with any alliance i am afraid... only members that is in this clan is me... but the dojo has come a long way since i last posted this thread... everything is built and only the clan tech that is left... oh and i have to update this thread...

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