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Hall Of Mirror Clones - Being Transparent Is Worse


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  • Hall of Mirror clones will now fade out and will no longer block your vision when looking in certain directions.

 I had no issue with clones blocking my line of sight (it's called basic awareness). But now I have an issue with the ability looking terrible.


1. Clones are fading while your aim is mile from being blocked by them.

2. The actual "fading" effect looks exactly like a bugged animation. It's a mess.

3. As a result of 1 and 2 the clones are constantly in the state of semi-transparent glitchiness.

4. So now instead of feeling like the leader of an epic square dancing team of bloodthirsty harlequins I feel like I'm dealing with some kind of animation glitch.


Maybe you guys can use an actual fading visual and is possible it would be applied only when zoomed (Aiming down sights).

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