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What Type Of Kubrow Is Yours?

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I have three Kubrows. First one is a male Sahasa named Alpha, second one is a female Sunika named Storm and this is my third:




A female Raksa named Luna.

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I have three kubrow 2 Sahasa and 1 Sunika =)


this is my female Sunika, Kiena



this is my new male Sahasa, Canta


i recently made a new one and i got a a male sahasa that looks just like yours

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I got

Retart -> hugs random air -> big derp

wont go mature -> rubs behind over the floor all the time -> cba about him

Skinny dog -> random stuck in dig animation -> dies alot.


Other then that, i dont care about them. My sentinals are 10 times more royal and dedicated on their job.


Male-Sahasa->Broozer (he wont mature)

Female-Sahasa->Lavita (See skinny dog)

Female-Sunika->Lisa (see Retart)

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