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Kubrow Eggs...ridiculous!



I'm sorry, but I've been farming for 2 full days for the kubrow egg and still nothing. Yes I have the incubator and yes i have the quest prompt to go get the egg on E Prime. But TWO FULL DAYS AND NO DROPS?! If this isn't a bug, it's goddamn ridiculous way to force some players to use 10p on a damn egg and I don't like it one bit.
I'm in no way happy and I want to know what the hell is up with these eggs. I've read that the eggs turn to nav coords for some people and sometime a NAV COORD drops from the den. BUT NO EGG!!!! I want an explanation, for the love of god, because this is just stupid

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This will probably enrange you, but I ended up buying an egg the first day. Then, I go into an Earth mission for some kubrow mods and ending up getting a kubrow egg I didn't need.


This exact scenario happened to me. As soon as I bought an egg, the next earth mission dropped one :S. RNG :(


Seriously, 10p is like 1-2 corrupted mods. If your luck is that bad, just circumvent it. You can keep farming as it grows/matures, as odds are you wont get the type you want right away.

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I'm just saying either i have a bug or there is some serious RNG.

I don't have a problem with farming as long as I see progress in it...i've so far killed 600 dens and not a single egg came. 

I have tried selling my wares but unfortunately no one is buying my stuff

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