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Repeatable Quest To Skip Rng For "that Part" (With Limits)


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I want "that part", but the RNG is constantly trollollolling me.


It doesn't matter which part is "that part". It is THAT PART. 


Repeatable quest: THAT PART - Tenno Reinforcements.


The quest revolves around doing a series of missions to track and acquire THAT PART. 


The quest would be broken down in several chapters. Some chapters may be time-limited, others gated by a cypher key, or have a limited number of chances to be successful. Some chapters may be critical to the quest success, and failing them would make the whole quest to fail.


Warframe is free-to-play, and going right away after THAT PART for every part would be potentially disruptive for the game economy. We want Warframe to keep around, and to keep playing. For that to happen, we cannot destroy the business model. So, going after THAT PART should be constrained, so that buying platinum is still viable and justifiable. 


THAT PART constraints:


1) Tenno Faithful. The Tenno must must be getting 7 days consecutive login rewards. with less than 7 consecutive days, the quest is not available to start. Failing to login during the quest makes the quest "intelligence information" to go obsolete, requiring the quest to be started over. 


2) Mastery rank: The player must be at least 2x the mastery rank required to wield THAT PART, or the item it is part of. The idea is that THAT PART is to reward a veteran who never had the chance to have that part.


3) Novelty: The player must have never had that part before. If the player already has, or has ever had THAT PART, he cannot ask for it again - or must wait at least 30 days before asking for it again.  If you want to give the players another chance, reruns for the same part could have enhanced difficulty (Nightmare) Enabling players to re-quest the same part repeatedly can actually be beneficial to the platinum market. 


4) Time-gated: The quests should have parts which take time to fulfill, most likely crafting a special cypher key which takes a long time for the final chapter. At least 8 hours crafting time. 


5) Quest restart cooldown. THAT PART should not be abused, so it would have at least 24 hours cooldown before the player can start it again. Maybe 72 hours, which is the longest build time (warframe)? 



6) Parts from items such as Detron and Brakk can be acquired, but removed game items such as Snipetron Vandal will not be available. Event items (e.g. Prova Vandal) probably will not be available, just like Primed Chamber. Maybe the event mods can be made available by this quest, 60 days after the event.


THAT PART structure:



There are 4 chapters to THAT PART.


Scouting - centered on acquisition of broad information and getting one step ahead of the other factions to get a grip on wher to find the part

Intelligence - revolves around getting specific information, such as the specific convoy where some faction may be carrying that part.

Triangulation - requires crafting a key to get ahead of the target to interrcept it.

Acquisition - Fighting your way in, acquiring the part and getting out of there. 


The player may fail only once inside each one of the 3 initial chapters, or the whole quest fails. The final 3 chapters must be completed successfully, or the whole quest fails. 



1) Scouting - you will approach the Lotus and request to find THAT PART. You can select any mod or blueprint available, as long as you are at least 2x the rank necessary to wield that part. Lotus will have to have resources to procure the part (i.e. a blueprint or part for a Rank 4 weapon requires a Mastery Rank 8). Starting the quest costs 250.000 credits, non-refundable. 

Besides the credit cost, the Lotus will ask of you to perform 3 random missions, so that you can free up other agents to help scouting information about THAT PART. The difficulty of those missions will depend on the rarity and level of THAT PART. Those missions would be of the faster type: sabotage, exterminate, capture, spy, deception.


2) Intelligence - Scouting has been done. Now we have some broad information about convoys and equipment transfer. The player must infiltrate and get specific information about the inventory of ships, what is where. 3 missions of types: interception, survival, defense, mobile defense, hijack, rescue; to acquire the information about exactly where to strike to get the secured part.


3) Triangulation - requires 5 missions to get parts for a triangulation key, so that the enemy's movements can be anticipated and the Tenno can ambush them in their way. The key takes 8 hours or less to craft.


4) Acquisition - requires 3 missions back-to-back to complete. Every mission will have some boss. The 3 missions are about infiltration, securing the part and escaping. 

G3 and Zanuka may be selected as bosses for this purpose. Bosses may show up in pairs or even triples. 


Upon fulfillment of the quest, the player gets THAT PART as a reward.


It should be possible to spend 10-20 platinum to refresh the restart cooldown for the quest, and 5-10 to speed up the triangulation key (chapter 3). 


I think it's a huge amount of work, has opportunity for the player to spend platinum, and rewards the palyer with what they want, skirting the RNG trollollol.


Easter eggs: spending 250k credits and going all this trouble for some silly stuff like a warframe power mod, or 'Vitality', or 'Redirection', 'Lato' or some other equally silly card could give the players some unexpected reward. 




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The Lotus would have a series of extra messages recorded. 


The Lotus video head in-mission would drop her usual tidbits of wisdom, but would also drop messages related to the quest interspersed to the mission. 




Scouting - any


"We are looking for information about THAT PART/the part you requested."


Scouting - exterminate


(after the eliminate everyone sentence)


"If you eliminate this platoon, forces will have to be relocated from an outpost, making it more vulnerable to infiltration."


Scouting - sabotage


"By destroying this reactor, you will be able to create a hole their sensor array, which will give us a window to drop an operator behind the enemy lines."


Scouting - capture


"Capture the supply line logistics officer, he might have information about the cargo on enemy convoys."


Scouting - spy


"This mainframe has classified information on ship schedules and cargo containers vital for the success of the mission."


Scouting - deception


"Plant this virus to descramble the information and broadcast it to our computers."

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