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Silva And Aegis Feedback (Yes, Another One But With Bugs!)


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Liking the status chance and overall appearance of the weapon. However, Ive noticed a bunch of things that needs to be looked.


Bugs so far:

-Sliding while blocking will have the Warframe raise the shield over its head exposing what you should be covering

-Jump attack doesn't get boosted by any mods and will deal default damage which makes jump attacking useless on anything outside Mercury (further observation indicates that its the AOE fire blast is the one not getting boosted. Anything near where the sword hits gets the full damage of your modded Silva)

-After a slide attack, the Warframe will put the sheathe the Silva behind the Warframe instead of putting it back on the Aegis



-It would be nice for it to use less stamina when blocking

-Maybe a bit of a damage boost? About 45 would do but then again, so will other elemental weapons except the Serro.

-There a few clipping issues but I imagine it be hard to fix those without altering the design so its not a big deal

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