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Dark Sector Broken (Mega)


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Well yup DE looks like your going back to the drawing board its broken to no end.


For me it went a bit like this. Lag lag lag lag load in game hit scan miss hit  scan miss hit scan miss death by pro shooting corrupted That NEVER miss die die die Host Migrate Everyone reset to lvl 1 and Repeat the process.


Sooooooooooooooooooooo to the topic of this Thread Hows your dark sector Conclave experience going? 

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I've played around 10 games or so, the only problem i've had was a little lag here and there nothing worth raging about for now, i guess i had good luck with my hosts.


Anyways this is a good thing, we point out what's wrong and DE fixes it but the general problem imo is that now 1 person hosts 8 players so... +1 to dedicated servers for DS PVP, lotus pls.

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I think DE needs to get Dedicated Servers for Dark Sector PVP or else it's not gonna be something people wanna fly towards.

Any MMO has a dedicated server seeing as this is a MMO i would of hoped they would of used it.

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very terrible experience.


1: when attempting to join with a full squad, the game kept crashing on all of us or the we would get errors in attempting to join and the party would disband


2: not a huge fan of the progressive leveling, but no thoughts on how to make it different yet.


3: no rewards being collected due to host migrations, or losing connection to the host


4: random slowness in changing weapons or not at all


in actuality, there is a ton more to list, but its so much i dont know where to start dealing with it all.



Biggest thing...... NETCODE 2.0  DEpls

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