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Can We Haz Wall Run Back?


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My question is, and always has been: Why wallrun slingshot?

It is literally the biggest, most glaring flaw with the entire parkour system. Every single time it's brought up, it's described as a means of opening up alternate paths through certain tiles, but that is entirely not the case. In the Grineer Lava room, you only have to wallrun two inches on the first wall to catapult yourself across the entire room at light speed. It's the same way with the Grineer Galleon "pit room". You don't wallrun on the right wall, then jump across to the left. You wallrun a very short distance, and then your character is booted off the wall, across the room, and into a perpendicular wall. The only other tile I can think of where this system can be used is the Corpus outdoor "cliffs" tile. In a couple places, players can attempt to catapult their way across, but nobody ever does. Instead, they run as far as they can on foot, jumpkick, and then copter across. Not only is it faster, but it's more reliable. There's no way to aim the slingshot, it always kicks you off at some weird 45 degree angle that is all but useless unless the tileset itself has been carefully constructed to create a path.

This bugs me to no end, because it completely undermines what a parkour system is. Warframe doesn't allow players to create their own paths or move in the way they want to. Warframe offers a very strict linear path, navigated with a combination of butt-sliding and coptering. There are literally zero instances of players chaining wallruns into melee combos, using Wallruns to creatively move through a tile, or taking alternate paths through a level via the parkour system. What exists is one path, with occasional instances where players can go left and "walk" (read: zorencopter) through a tile, or keep headed straight and instead catapult themselves to the other end of the room. I've played this game for hundreds and hundreds of hours, and I can't recall a single instance of someone using wallruns outside of the above tiles on purpose. It's not just an accident, it's a nuisance. All you're trying to do is run up a wall to reach a buddy on the ledge above, but instead of reading "up", the game reads "left" and suddenly you're launched 100 miles away from your buddy and he bleeds to death. Even if you get the wallrun to register, you still have to wait as your character slowly ascends the wall and agonizingly grips and flips on the ledge, mere inches from the person you're trying to save.

Make no mistake, I love Warframe. It just irks me that a system that is so integral to gameplay (movement) has been left glitchy, slow and awkward as a feature. That's not a feature. Players don't like wallrun slingshot. Players don't use wallrun slingshot. We put up with wallrun slingshot. Veteran players are resigned to this "parkour" system. Whatever's on the books right now, whatever's planned for the next major update, please put that on hold. Warframe needs Movement 2.0, I beg of you.

I approve

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