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Stasis: When you want to switch out a kubrow, you can put them in stasis so their loyalty doesnt go down (ill explain this in a bit).


Loyalty: The higher the loyalty, the more damage they will do, but if you are off your computer for a long while, the kubrows loyalty will go down, thus meaning less damage, if you are going on vacation or something and are worried about its loyalty, you can just put it in stasis and it wont go down.


Hope this helps.

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Stasis is putting your kubrow in a freezer, halting all degradation in health and loyalty. Kubrow cannot be used while on ice, and has a thaw time of 3 hours.


Health degrades 20% per day, can be fully replenished with one DNA Stabilizer, available from Store>Equipment>Materials, 6 for 100,000 credits.


Loyalty degrades on kubrow death in mission, and gradually if not interacted with (confirmation?). Can be maintained any number of times and restored three times a day by petting the kubrow on your ship.

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