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Dmg Type Texture Atlas Draw Issue


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So I recently returned to Warframe and decided I was going to have fun with the Dual Ichor on mission. I didn't feel like running around shooting things and wanted to enjoy my Swirling Tiger stance that I had missed after not playing for so long when I noticed an interesting block of white symbols that I first mistook as Japanese lettering. During an Interception mission, I managed to barely get a screenshot of the .5 second existing text as it shows down below.




For all of you who don't see it immediately, here's a close-up of it slightly to the top-left of my aiming reticle..




This block of element symbols didn't only pop up once, it popped up many times when I fought crowds of enemies. But not only that, it also seemed that when this block of symbols popped up, it always resulted in whatever I hit being instantly 1 shot. A good example that happened at least 15 times in one mission would be walking up to an eximus after killing some of his buddies, slashing him once, and all of a sudden he's dead after dealing 0 dmg supposedly.


The only theory I have is that when I go up and hit something, the viral damage (I used a viral/rad build on my Dual Ichor) is cutting the target's HP by 50% but then I'm also instantly taking out the second half of its health in the same shot. My Dual Ichor have been able to hit for 33,000 dmg on swing with a yellow crit. I'm not sure on how the order of damage applies though.




Another friend of mine (Feynt) thinks this might be what the case is:


Feynt - "I think the issue is the full texture atlas is being displayed instead of the viral damage icon itself.  This is likely a coordinate issue."




Any idea of what this is and am I the only one?

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