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Modding And Its Slight Restriction


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It finally hit me why some people don't like modding system as it is, it becomes restrictive on some guns that need Utility but also have the ability to be damaging.


I noticed this when looking at how I could mod Pyranna, it has a decent crit that with every shot you'll have say 5 or 6 yellow numbers pop up, but it's also slashing meaning a Elemental combo is gonna be needed to boost it's damage in mid to late game.  With the added disadvantage that it's both Full Auto and a Shotgun type meaning you need Ammo Mutation and Seeker to use it effectively meaning you have 5 of the 8 slots already taken out unless you want to keep it without Seeker lowering its damage as well as not using Ammo Mute which leaves 5 slots free for say 1 combo and crit mods, but adding say Ammo Mute ensures you don't worry if the mobs will drop pistol ammo and Seeker allows for groups of enemies to go down quickly, along with the small 5 shot clip and 2 sec reload you'd want to add reload+ which means you'd need 3 for the Essentials(HS, BD, LT), Seeker, Ammo Mute, Ele Combo and Crit mods which is 10 meaning you're short 2 slots or 3 if you want to add reload speed and maybe 4 if you want to get rid of the recoil it has. 


A good way to remedy that would be remove Damage+ mods(not the corrupted or hybrid ones, those stay) and put them into the ranking of said weapon along with say Reload, Fire rate, Recoil, and Critical if they apply to a certain weapon. Leaving a few slots free and allowing slightly more modding potential to weapons,  It makes sense that the more you use a weapon the more you know how to effectively and efficiently use it allowing for slight modifications of the weapon to become stronger, as well as allowing some utility mods to become even more useful wanna lower reload even more than it already is add the mod want more straight up damage add the corrupted variant.


Would it work or would it break the game?

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