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Why The Kubrow Egg Hunt Is Bad (Im Used To Farming)


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To start off with, im used to the farming in warframe. I have accepted the fact that it takes a long time to get something you want in this game. 


In my oppinion getting the egg for my Kubrow was extremely frustrating. It took me about 3,5 hours to get one (I know this is relatively short compared to the grind others went trough). Now as I said before, i dont mind farming. However the problem with this perticular one is the fact that Kubrows are only on Earth. I am a mastery rank 13 player with a lot of strong multiple forma gear, and Earth is just boringly easy for me to play. 


I have been doing a way to easy mission for nearly 4 hours to get an egg! Thats stupid. I would mutch rather spend this time doing some of the higher tier missions in warframe to get a better challenge (although even TIV isnt realy hard enough atm imo).


Please DE try to find a way for us higher rank players to also have FUN playing the lower tier missions. Id love to go back to earth and play its beutifull missions some more, but its just to easy. 


~ Deathstars

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Yeah! First egg took me hours to get and probably 10+ runs. Second one took me a lot longer to get an egg. I don't know how many hours, but probably a good 40+ runs before I saw one. I was just about to give up and decided to do a few more runs and got one. The third egg, I guess I was quite lucky because it happened after a couple of runs. I guess it's not much different than farming Bombards or <x> mob... But somehow it seems a lot more monotonous than playing a defense/survival/etc. mission and hoping to get an interesting drop from a specific mob.


Got plenty of nav coordinates though, not sure what Kubrows are doing with those...maybe planning on invading the orokin derelicts with them.


(Actually, I wonder if there's a good way to see stats on how many times we've run a particular mission.)

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