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About Volt's Shield



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Yes, non-hitscan projectiles become hitscan when fired through a shield


Pros: Extra crit damage when a shot fired through a shield crits.

No enemy projectile can make it through the shield, preventing you from taking damage.

As mentioned above, non-hitscan projectiles become hitscan when fired through a shield.

Supposedly adds electric damage to anything fired through a shield (Not so sure about this one, I haven't noticed any electric damage)


Cons: It's immobile, forcing you to stay in one place if you wanna use it.

It only covers in one direction, so if you want full protection you'll have to place several.

Costs half of a rank 30 Volt's energy pool, if he isn't modded for energy efficiency or max energy.

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All you need and more can be found at https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/252365-current-electric-shield-u14-and-beyond/

totally not self-advertising


In short, at this point, it does not make anything hitscan. It adds 50% Electric damage (does not combine) to your weapon and doubles crit damage. As far as my testing has shown, the crit damage bonus does not stack for non-hitscan weapons anymore (the Electric damage does), but hitscan weapons do get the stacking bonus from shields.


EG: 3 Shields will add 150% of your Grakata's base damage as Electric Damage and will multiply its crit damage by 800% (200% x 200% x 200%), but Dread gets 150% Electric damage and only 200% crit.


Pros: blocks all incoming projectiles (except grenades), increases damage output, lasts a while, decent size


Cons: immobile, 50 energy

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