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How To Complete Vor's Prize?



I have defeated Vor at least 5 times since U14 and nothing changes. I have, also, completed all the nodes on Mercury. Are those not the quest objectives or is it a bug? I would very much appreciate some help, because I would really like to get on building and upgrading my newly acquired items.

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Soo did you skipped quest and went straight to kill Vor?

Also did you remove shackle also? You make shackle remover blueprint after killing vor?


Not sure did you somehow skip mission or just did not receive segment, or somehow were able to do next mission withouth fixing anything in ship.

your info is too unclear to help more

Not sure why url is not complete :S just copy paste

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Yeah I did. Was I not supposed? The node was available for me as well as pretty much the whole solar system I made an account pre-U14 I did not receive any segments as well as the shackle remover blueprint. The shackle only appears when I am on the ship. Crap! Did I break the game? I had copied and pasted the link and I got nothing but a missing page from the wiki.

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