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Suggestion On Kubrows; In Re Decay


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Currently, kubrows decay health and loyalty based on lime, and death; loyalty based on deaths (primarily) and health based on time (primarily). This does not make the most sense; while the kubrow seems to be designed as an end game pet, with a money sink built in; this could be better. How?


Genetic Integrity: Instead of having loyaly reduce based on the kubrow dying/bleeding out, wouldn't it make a whole lot more sense if having to resusicate the kubrow was what damaged it's biological functioning? Unless you are standing over it watching it bleed out, the kubrow will not necessarily blame you for letting it die, but reconstructive surgeries has a tool on anything. Gen-integrity should be reduced by damage, but recover (slowly, up to 100% normal) when in the active incubator pod. Only when the tenno is present, of course.


Loyalty: What should effect loyalty? Time spend in game, away from your kubrow; also a hit for freezing your kubrow (on re-awakening it); as loyalty is resotred based on petting your kubrow, loyalty over 100% shoul decline at a rate that needs uses of your daly loyalty restore to keep at 200% relaibly. Killing non hostile kubrow, or failing hard may reduce this value (you are seen as less of an alpha to be served, and more of a chain around it's neck).


Rate: Both should decrease more rapidly from 200%-100%, but decrease very slowly from 100%-0%; you should have every (reasonable) chance to save your kubrow from death, but keeping it at 200% normal should take some effort.


Restores; change these from 0->200% to a lesser value; Petting your kubrow restores 20% (flat) loyalty; you must regularly pay attention to your kubrow if you want it to fight at full strength on your behalf. Genetic restores restore 20%/40%/100%: any use of a restore regererates your kubrow's genes to a mimimum of 100% health, however, if your kubrow is between 60% and 100% it severves at +40%; the most any use of gene therapy can restore per use is an additional 20% above 100% (max 200%); i.e. if your kubrow is at death's door, one box will bring it from 5% to 100%; if you had 63%, you would have 103%, if you had 80-100% you would rise to 120%, and if you had 160% you would rise to 180%. If you had 193%, you would still cap out at 200%.



What would these changes do? First, instead of hating you for letting it die, and continually decaying (Zombie Dogs!), your kubrow instead would lose loyalty if you acted like you did not care about it (ignoring it; freezing it; Betraying it), and would bais towards a comfortable 100% stats, The kubrow, being genetically superior (and... you know... capable of surviving on earth unaided) in the healing embrace of the incubator will naturally tist at 100% health, but require constant treatment to remain better than their best, and become sickly when they are killed or wounded repeatedly.

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