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Problems With New Solar Rails Battle


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Good night. I am one of the founders of Black Sun and I would like to expose certain things. 


- We were the first to try this new rail system. Currently with the system that has been implemented is impossible to defend a rail, for several reasons: 

           - The attacker can play with no defenders. 

           - As much as the defense win games there will always be some facilmente.Porque attacker to win games if they play alone against ghosts or CPU up levels and earn easily. 

           - If the defenders win nothing happens, but if attackers gain fell by 1%. So you just always losing. Since there is no chance of withstanding 12 hours attackers do not win 100 games. 

           -The games have lag and is very difficult in a game with 500 ping do anything. 

'I do not seem right, that being the first to try the new rail system, to lose it helplessly, a solar rail which cost us a lot of effort to achieve. 

-The rewards of credits with this new system are useless. 

-Rail fenders we had prepared were not implemented. (And we apply the diagram we had done) 

-The pre-made groups can not join a game (You can only play in online mode and playing alone) 

Earlier -2 asked because the rails were delayed and they answered "Technical Problems". I think ubiera been better to delay the time until the defense ubiera possible and with minimal bugs. 


So these things we have lost an important rail for us. He has won a clan effortlessly and in less than 4 hours. We struggled to participate in the defense. Each time you were doing a game people would leave when saw he would lose (Above attackers). And then start another game in which they can attack alone and win easily. All other partnerships will have the same confusion in seeing that it is practically impossible to defend a rail. 


And for our part we are angry, annoyed and sore because our efforts have gone as usual. We would like to see some solution because honestly it seems unfair to lose helplessly. having the resources to do.

PD:  If you go to a bug, problem or comment add mates


att. Mitos 

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I agree with all of your points, but let's be honest. You sort of had it coming, I mean taxing a place by 50% is ridiculous.

...and a strong point that is. with many of the rails...excessive Tax's over 40 percent...and excessive tax on resources earned by the tenno ~ why I don't even bother on those high tax rails...sorry just my 2cents.

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I agree with all of your points, but let's be honest. You sort of had it coming, I mean taxing a place by 50% is ridiculous.

The tax argument is pointless if the attacker will always win. There is no way for a defender to keep there own rail, all they can do is delay the inevitable.


Don't get me wrong, I very much did enjoy the new pvp game mode. And i think we all knew there would be balancing issues / bugs. But not being able to damage an attacking rail is extremely problematic. IE if it takes indeed 100 successful attacks to destroy a rail you could win 1000 defenses, but as long as they get that 100th attack within the allotted time they will always win.


How to fix this?


1. Seeing as how the easiest solution will always be the best, each successful defense could decrease the reaming time the rail remains in conflict. IE Defenders win the battle 15 mins is subtracted from conflict time.


2.Much harder to implement then 1. as it requires a lot more work from DE's end. open up the attackers rail with the defenders in the same conflict. there would be some kind of connector in between the rails  (preferably 3 paths as most MOBA type games allow). each start in the default room as defenders for each side. you then run towards the opponents rail and battle in the middle. if the starting room gets hacked then that side would start to spawn in the next section of their rail. all the way up to the core.  Battle will end when the opponents core is destroyed. no tickets what so ever.


The second would be much harder to implement and likely wont be attempted, or available till update 15 if it was. But I for one think this would be optimal.

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Is there a bug on this game type.. I was trying to defend Sakura.. but all my frames powers were locked, even though I had 3 equipped.  WTF is that about.

You have to unlock them, but the unlocking system is stupid. It's funner to play conclave. :/

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