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Review Of The New Dark Sectors


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Before I go into further detail, I just want to say I really enjoyed this new mission type, it was a TON of fun! Good work on it! There is a few things however I would like to address.


1. Leveling


The leveling system is super fun, it reminds me of a MOBA in which you get stronger as time goes on. However, I don't think it takes potato's into account. You seem to gain 1 point per level and I don't think it goes beyond 30, seeing as the mission hasn't allowed it with how fast we push and win.


I would like to gain 2 points, this would allow access to more mods and stronger mods. The enemy levels dramatically faster and it takes entire clips to drop a heavy gunner. Perhaps using lower leveled mods might be beneficial, but becomes a slight nuisance for some the players on both ends in terms of trying to fight. If you increase damage potential, obviously the health of the other stuff around would need a health buff as well. The only downside to this is that players will be able to insta kill with weapons like the Penta or Angstrum.


2. Frame composition


It's simple, some frames are crazy powerful for this. The most notable is a Valkyr. Hysteria's invincibility is insane for running around and smashing in faces. Ground pounding and knocking tenno down, then 2 hits to finish them off. I witnessed a group getting mauled and held back by a single valkyr. Do not change Valkyr's hysteria for the sake of PVP, but allow 'non-spector Tenno' to be able to do some kind of damage to her, maybe even damage resistance.


all the other frames were quite tough, they seemed to be alright. Even Iron skin and Snowglobe aren't invincible and we worked around them.


3. Aura's & Sentinels


None of the aura's worked properly it seemed, not that it was bad, but it made things a bit rough. I do think that some aura's could break the game, so Aura's are okay being disabled. The same goes for the sentinel's, having one might also be game breaking with some of the mods and damage they can put out.


4. Health of Objective Targets


the final objective has tons of health and works just fine. However, the health of the generators on the second stage seem to drop very very quickly. I think it's okay for them to be like this, but perhaps a small buff in health might be better off.


That's all I got for it. Again, I loved this mission and will play others again just because it's engaging and fun!


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1. Thought i'd mention getting past 30 is possible, highest i went was 33.
2. Though i agree with the valkyr's hysteria destruction :P I also have noticed that loki is very good. Like stupidly good. Invis paired with a good melee i found myself one shotting other tenno, and this felt rather unfair as none were able to spot me. Whether this is due to poor eyesight or my energy colour I dont know, but there needs to be some way of spotting invis even if for a second.. Great post though anyway :D

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