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New Warframe I Thought Of


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This is just a warframe i thought of, I have no art for it though. 

He is called Ghost.


1. Consume, Dark energy engulfs a enemy and takes it down to hell(new and fixed)

2. Levitate, Ghost lifts up and flies draining energy over time (fixed)

3. Posses, Take over a enemies mind, body, and soul controlling them like your normal warframe

4. Shroud, Ghost tears the souls out of his enemies and protects himself with them(new and fixed)


Ghost is a weaker warframe with 150 shields 100 health 15 armor and 100 power


I apologize for having no concept artwork for this warframe I tried and failed, but I will try to make one up in the future



Thank you for the criticism it actually helps 

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Blast: So exactly like soul punch?
Levitate: This would be a death trap when he's going down. Every enemy can get a clean shot right at him.

Possess: Interesting idea.

Summon: So nekros's ultimate then?

You need to be more creative with your ideas. It's okay to be inspired by another frame but you have to come up with original ideas as well. Also, keep in mind that the way you make it has to be how it would work in the game. How would that ability benefit it? 

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Actually, it seems like a mix of abilities with a different visual


Blast is like Soul Punch with another look

Levitate seems like Tail Wind

Possess is like Mind Control

Summon would be a mix between Mirage's hall of mirror and Nekros shadows of the dead

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How about this, OP?


Phase - Renders the user intangible to any attacks and enables them to pass through enemies for a short time. X% chance to inflict radiation proc upon passing through an enemy.

Feed - User absorbs the life energy of nearby enemies to regain health.
Phantasm - User summons "spirits" that rise out of the ground and latch on to a target to immobilize it and hinder combat effectiveness.
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i like the taking over an enemy, as long as you ACTUALY take over a person,a nd fight as them, kinda cool. but yeah the rest are just teh same thing as others, exactly so.if he/she's called ghost, why not have a flight abiity, even if its like just um, ...absorb, like nyx's ability how it drains energ. would rock to actualy fly XD.

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