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Irritating Nightmare Mission Problems


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•Corpus Crewmen can dodge bullets even while they're sprawled out on the floor. WHAT IS THIS S#&$!? The whole point of putting blast on weapons is to topple enemies to make them easier to shoot, because they act like Michael Jackson dancing on butter when they're running around. But if I knock them down and shoot at them, they will still do their stupid Matrix-style dodging even while their "getting up" animation is still playing.


•Something in the missions is bypassing shields, and it isn't with Slash from Flux rifles. It seems like something is hitting with Toxin. Maybe Detrons? Also, Corpus seem to be hitting harder overall like in the recent event, this combined with the shield bypass problem makes my poor Banshee die in like 4 hits. Grenades are insta-kills, if I try to run from cover to cover I die soon as I step out, etc. I don't mind enemies having Toxin, but I hate not being able to tell who has Toxin so I can plan accordingly.


•And an unrelated bug, while doing a T4 Mobile Defense, me and another Tenno got insta-killed twice for no apparent reason. Once when together, and another when far apart. The only thing the deaths had in common was that there was a Corrupted Osprey shooting at us both times. (the Osprey that launches out of Corrupted Moas)

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