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Help Me Understand The Kubrow


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Okay, so when I first saw this, I was stoked. I saw this feature of Update 14 as an opportunity to have something more than a mere sentinel, to have something to have an attachment to and actually care about. So began my quest:


I was happy to kill the jackal to get the quest. I enjoyed the quest up until having to spend 150k credits on the power cell BP. Ouch. For a player that just came off the heels of the wallet hit from building all 3 components for my next warframe, I decided to blow nearly all my remaining credits on that item. Leveling up my Serration would have to wait.


Fast forward to the next day: Put that power core in the incubator segment, shove an egg in there, and see that I had to wait 2 days. No biggie. A couple days later, I see that I incubated a female Huras! Joy, oh joy!


Wait, what's DNA integrity.... Okay, DNA will decay over time. And to keep my precious Scorpia alive, I'll need to spend 100k credits every few days...? Okay, now that's a bit high, isn't it? This is as far as I've gotten in the process of owning a Koolbro, and I'm not dissapointed, but I'm worried. Having said that, I DO have a few questions for anyone who knows about actually using a kubrow in battle.


Seeing the loyal Companion mod leads me to beleive that Kubrow have a bleedout system. Is this true? If not, does it work like s sentinel, or maybe a revive system like warframes?


if my Kubrow's DNA Integrity reaches 0%, does the kubrow die permanently? WHY does it have DNA integrity in the first place, I just hatched a kubrow from an egg. I may have missed something along the quest involving this, pardon my potential ignorance.


I have incubated my Kubrow, but still can't take it on missions. How long until it's an adult?


If I felt compelled to, could I use a reactor or catalyst on my kubrow?


Will this turn out to be just a cute furry credit sink? If so, tell me before I start getting overly attatched to my Kubby...


Thanks for any information you can give me.

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The DNA stabilization grants bonus health. It is just a boost, and entirely optional. Your Kubrow will not die if it depletes.

2 days to reach maturity.

It should bleed-out like a player when it's health hits 0.

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You should read the wiki.

100k every 6 days isn't that much. It's a bit less than 17k per day.


The kubrow does have a bleedout system and it can have its bleedout time extended. However, having played with my well modded Sunika on Pluto, Ceres etc. then it seems like it is hard to kill. I even took it for T4MD and it was the only one that survived!



The kubrow is the result of genetic manipulation, tho I agree that it seems a bit weird. It won't die however if it reaches the bottom in genetic integrity I believe, but get a huge debuff in health which would make it very vulnerable. You only truly need to use the DNA stabilizers every 5 days or so however if you don't want it to go into the debuff zone so you can get far if you play cheap.


You can put an orokin reactor in, I have done so myself and it is really nice.


That said, I have seen mine one-hit level 30 enemies and it is funny to see the Sunika hold down a capture target. Since after a hotfix it is now given lower threat generation which means it can do quite well in terms of damage without dying. My Sunika atm has 1k health and can have the same in shield and actually even more in both which should say something. Not to forget that it can also 'hitch a ride' with your armor value as well to make it even more durable.


Here's the link to the wiki page: http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Kubrow

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Well, I am very grateful for all the replies, and they all did help very much. My kubrow is now an adult, and I can take her into missions, but I now have further questions. Bear with me, fellow Tenno!


So, the Incubator claims my kubrow is a Huras. However, my kubrow looks like the kubrow icon in the codex. Go to the codex, click on companions. All the kubrow have the same icon, and thats how my 'Huras' appears ingame. Still maturing, maybe?


Also, my kubrow's coat is just grey/white with VERY faint white stripes along the back. Also a potential maturing error? Honestly really dissapointed if this is the coat I'm stuck with and I'll have to pay platinum to change it (Which I hope they're fixing right now.) I promise*, these'll be my last questions for you lads.



*Probably not, though.

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