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Extermination Mission Suggestion


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How about giving a 10% -15% credit bonus if the team /player manages to complete the extermination under X amount of time?


BEcause Imo exterminations missions are boring, they should be faster .


It's the kind of missions where you're supposed to be like " kill them fast , don't be seen , keep it clean"  

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Sounds like a band-aid fix if I ever heard one. To make a mission type less boring you need to make them more interesting, not simply faster. In order to do that I would suggest making things like enviromental hazards and traps the player can control or something to that effect.

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Actually, I'd much prefer the reverse, if there was a credit bonus it should be for doing it without being seen. Get your Ninja on and actually have another reason to be stealthy would be good. Also like Tarudizer said, environmental hazards or something we can use to make it look like an accident (like Hitman) would be fun.

Though I like trying to be stealthy, and others don't. Just my thoughts on the matter.

Side note: Would really enjoy more stealth attacks for the weapons, like Tenchu, so one from the back (which we have), one from front(again we have), different ones from either side and most definitely one from jumping, because that could be fun.

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we need sub-objectives and more complex main-objectives (ie run into a barracks or engineering room, boom sub-objective, destroy the comms, weapon caches, etc, etc, run into mini-bosses, etc, galleys, mess halls, etc, etc, etc)


this is why so many missions get so repetitive over time, they are all essentially too simple


even the more complex rescue 2.0 missions and the hive sabotage (which are good steps in the right direction), don't have a ton of incentive to repeat them (once you've got enough specters, why ever do rescue ever again? why choose hive sabotage over say survival with its extra rewards every 5 mins)


DE removed Raid becuz they said it was too similar to Capture, they gave us two 'harder' Capture targets instead of 1, got rid of a neat corpus ship tile for no good reason, but really didn't add much to the mission-type


Raid-type missions would still be perfect for the void tileset (and we lost another great tile) as well as for alert missions...



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