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Selling Some Stuff

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Selling all of the following for the plat noted beside each item. Please feel free to make me offers.

All mods are unranked.

Prime Parts

Boar Prime Receiver 2p
Boltor Prime Stock 1p
Burston Prime Barrel 5p
Ember Prime Helmet 5p
Paris Prime Low Limb 3p
Rhino Prime Systems 8p


Energy Siphon 15p
Rifle Amp 10p
Physique 7p
Speed holster 5p
Steel Charge 7p

Nightmare/Rare Mods
Barrel Diffusion 20p
Flow 8p
Focus Energy 2p
Fortitude 3p
Heavy Trauma 4p
Jagged Edge 25p
Ravage 4p
Reflex Guard 2p
Shred 8p
Stabilizer 2p
Streamline 5p
Sundering Strike 4p
Thunderbolt 3p
Undying Will 5p
Vigor 10p
Vital Sense 2p


Fracturing Wind 2p

Reaping Spiral 3p

Sundering Weave 2p


Uncommon Mods

Concussion Rounds 1p

Cleanse Infested 1p

Heavy Impact 1p

Fever Strike 2p

Killing Blow 3p
Razor Shot 1p
Stretch 1p
Shield Flux 10p

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