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What To Do With Unwated Kubrows?


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If you're like me, you hatched a Kubrow that looks EXACTLY the same as your first pet, and you have no way of getting rid of it, and we're only allowed what? 5 stasis? (do we have a limit even).... what should we do right?


I'm suggesting something like Neopet's system:




Adoption Centre:

- Here we can drop off our unwanted Kubrows for other Tenno to adopt should they find them likeable.

Maybe we could add an abandon & adoption fee (platinum). 



 - Ability to directly transfer our Kubrows to anyone who wants to take care of them.

NOT ALLOWED TO TRADE FOR PLAT, we don't support selling animals for profit.



- Allow us to exchange pets. A pet for a pet.



- Release them back to the wild (not sure if this is already how it is when maxing them to 30).


Ignore; Abandon:

 - Sounds cruel, although when you think about it, it's the first step before they get adopted.



What do you guys think? Which ones would you support?

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Dojo-War Dogs, to be used as allies for Dark Sector Conflicts.


Here players can donate their unwanted Kubrows, which will turn into Kubrow allies during Dark Sector conflicts.


Adds a new elements to the conflicts + you get to get rid of unwanted Kubrows.


When they transfer however they'll lose their name, breed and type. The dojo-master should then be able to assign a Kubrow role to them, either support or offense, where support they'll assist players by occasionally recharging shields, but mostly just getting in their way. Or in a support role they will charge and knock down players on the other team, then stand around and growl uselessly until they are killed (this is for balance reasons and also I think it'll be funny).

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I'd like to delete it from existence, tbh.  But there are a lot of possible solutions.  I'd also be in favor of using imprints to recalibrate the DNA, so there's no need to ever actually delete or get rid of them.

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