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Lotus Has Buged Dialog Window In One "tutorial" Mission


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Hi there.


When I activated foundry system on my ship, I go in the mission that followed. It was mission where I must collect some ressources for ascaris negator on some frozen location on planet Earth(I think it was location named Everest). When the mission start, Lotus saying something, but in dialog window, on the left side, was just something like /Lotus/Language/ and something more, but I dont remember what, sorry.


Thats all, I hope it will help.

I wish you good luck and keep up the good work.


EDIT: Ok, I find another buged dialog window. It is after I deactivate Vor's Ascaris and something start hapening, some explosion of light? I dont know how to describe it, but Lotus start saying something like Oh no! after that "explosion"

But when she end with this part of dialog she continue with talking, but dialog window just do some animation of changing text, but text is still same, I mean that Oh no!


Sorry for my bad english. I hope you got it.

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