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Having Trouble With Changing Warframe Colours


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The game will freeze whenever I try changing the colour scheme of my Warframe. I am still able to have access to chat, but am unable to:


1. Scroll through my colour palettes, click on any colours.

2. Exit the colour editor via the "Exit" button on bottom right.

3. Bring up the game menu via the "Esc" key.

4. Exit the game with "Alt+F4".


This meant that I was effectively stuck in "editing mode", with no other options to escape. However, despite the freeze-up during colour selection, I am still able to:


1. Receive game invites.



This happened only after hotfix 14.0.6. Before the hotfix, I was able to change and edit the colours without freezing. I've restarted Warframe multiple times, but the issue still persists. 



I've tested it several times, the freezing only occurs when I attempt to scroll through my colour palettes quickly. I've tried scrolling one palette at a time and it works as intended without freezing. It might be frustrating and slow, but it'll make do for now.

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Can confirm this, had to quit the game over ten times today to actually change colours on a warframe. Doing everything superbly careful and slow seemed to help. Scrolling fast in the Palettes menu seemed to freeze the UI instantly.

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