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Horrible Fps Lag Since Update 14



Im using an Nvidia gfx card with 1g memory on it and something like 12g DDR3 ram. Ever since 14 came out, i'll lag for about half a second every 2-3 seconds.....which is horrible. I turned all of my graphics down to nothing and it stopped, but I never had this issue before D:


I'm playing with the settings to see what exactly it was that might have done this


Any ideas on what I can do to avoid this without playing the game with stick figures?


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Not the drivers, checked that next. Card driver is up to date, all the updates have been downloaded for my OS, anything that I can find seems to be up to date and everything. Running Glary utilities atm (basic maintenance tool, registry/shortcut cleaner sort of thing) to see if that helps at all. still trying to figure exactly what part of the graphics is making the difference

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