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Jupiter, Sinai(Dark Sector): Mission Cuts To Interception | Spawned Infested Are Level 200+


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I was playing in the Jupiter, Sinai(Dark Sector Defense) mission up until about 10 minutes in. At the 10 minute extraction one of the 3 players playing with me left. Once this player left, I was left with the other player and suddenly my screen went black as it reloaded me into the mission. When I reloaded into the mission, the mission type apparently became Interception. The other player and I were both confused but we decided to play for the first wave of interception to see how it would play out and to get resources.


During the first wave of Interception, enemies were knocked down to levels ranging from 18 - 25 so we went through the first wave fairly easily. However, when asked to extract after the first wave, the other player decided to claim and exit because he was apparently becoming scared that he would get banned for supposedly cheating. I told him that we had no control over what was happening so he had no reason to be afraid, but he left anyway and so I was alone. 


This is when things started to weird me out. After he left, the mission reloaded itself again for the second wave like usual. However, I realized that every single infested enemy that was spawned in was in the 200 - 300 level range. I managed to somehow kill all of the enemies and get the meter all the way up to 100% with the help of Vauban's Bastille but I'm scared to go back to Jupiter, Sinai now because of the chance that this may happen again.



Here are two screenshots with some proof:


I have no idea how this happened and the only information that I would presume as being useful to you guys was just typed out above. 


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