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Thoughts On Bugs And Fixes From My Clan


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so earlier today, a few of my clanmates were discussing the progress that DE is making towards fixing all of the new bugs that U14 brought about, and one of them came into the RC channel, and realized that they had nerfed mirage by fixing the bug that was associated with hall of mirrors


he went through what the fix meant and in the end, the weapons that the clones use no longer use mods. outraged by this he logged off of warframe, we asked why and he told us something along the lines of this


"Imagine you have 2 bugs, one bug prevents players from moving and actually doing ANYTHING except use the chat screen, while on the other hand you have a bug that makes a warframe hilariously overpowered. which do you fix first?"


naturally we all said the first bug, the one that prevents players from playing the game unless they relaunch the game. 


in response, the clanmate said


"so why on earth did DE nerf mirage first?" "yes of course they fixed other bugs, but that one isnt very important in the short term. there are numerous other bugs that should have been fixed first." " AND they way they fixed the bug is rediculous, now, your mirages will do nearly no damage at all, probably none past level 40"


"they could have easily reduced the precentage of damage and the max crit number or something like that, instead they nerfed it so hard that its not fun anymore, mirages coolest abilty, and the most useful ability, is now useless"


"and everyone knows that, in a month, DE will "realize their mistake" and patch it to something else, but that something else is what they should have done in the first nerf to her, yes she needed a nerf, but not that hard, and it shouldnt have been done this week, it could have waited unitl next week after they fix the technical bugs"




after hearing what he said, i have to agree with him, its a great thing that the devs are fixing bugs and balancing things, but shouldnt they be fixing the technical bugs faster? or first? 


the only explanation that i can think of, is they have specific coders for specific areas, like UI, warframes, weapons....and since they dont have much to do right now, theyfixed the mirage bug quickly, but somehow i think they would have come up with a better fix if that was so, because this fix is like amputating an arm that only has a minor cut on it


i think a little bit more, fix descrestion is in order



no i dot mean to insult DE, they do a good job, this is an observation and a reccomendation




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