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Emergency Treats


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We need Emergency Treats for the Kubrows. The loss of loyalty is too high when compared to the potential gain.


Now, I am aware of the fact that DE wants us to look out for our Kubrows, and that's totally fine. But they have a tendency towards derpy behavior, and not even running away to make them teleport next to you can help you get them out of a pinch.


They might just potentially teleport into their own death.



The Kubrow of a friend was digging up items. Apparently, it dug a little too far, as it dropped through the floor and died.


Another friends Kubrow teleported right next to him when he was attacking a Toxic Ancient. It came up and died in the same motion because of toxic procs.



How are we supposed to prevent something like that? Exactly, it's not possible because it shouldn't happen like that. I mean, if you run in a toxic cloud and your Kubrow dies, well, that makes sense. But it dying while doing what it does (digging holes)? I dunno, I don't really think that makes a lot of sense.


Anyway, I plea for something besides the petting your doge to deal with loyalty-loss. Especially because such derp is involved.


Also, they should revive with you when you die and use a revive. And not loose loyalty because YOU died and not them in that case. Yep.

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Ok falling through the floor is a prob.


But kubrows have a bleedout sooooo...


Max out there bleedout mod to give them 20 seconds of bleedout time.


Agreed on the bleedout. It's helpful - when it actually occurs. I've seen numerous occasions of Kubrows dying and bleeding out immediately, even with a maxed Loyal Companion on them. Maybe it's a client/host-issue.


Another thing that should happen when they are in bleed-out is: we should actually get alarmed like we do when a teammate dies, so it's a little more obvious that your Kubrow is about to dig holes from the other side.

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