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There's Something Wrong With Bladestorm


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Hey DE you guys should take a look on the Bladestorm.



Here you can see Ash performing Bladestorm, while being Bladestormed. You can see all the clones attacking me (I'm the Valkyr) together with the "real" Ash, they won't stop hitting until everyone in range is dead. Also, Bladestorm is hitting even objectives like Generators.


Consider balancing it for PvP maybe? i have some suggestions of my own. https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/243533-things-that-needs-to-be-balanced-on-pvp/







This is your good old "press-4-to-win"

Deals 2000 finisher damage (Bypass Armor) to all players within Range, with a forced Bleed Proc.

There is simply no way out of it. Completely unbalanced for PvP.




- Make it deal a fixed % of damage to the target's health, instead of a fixed value of 2000.
- Balance it so that even with the bleed proc, the target will still be left alive.
- Make sure that the Bladestorm will hit the target only once. (Right now the Bladestorm keeps hitting until everyone in range is *dead*)


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