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Saryn Immortal Skin Gray Spots (Post U14 Bug)


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There are some "grayed out" areas on her body that didn't suffer this issue before U14. However, just like many others, she now has new bugs surfaced, although hers aren't as bad as Banshee.


Here I'll show the grayed out spots on her front and back shoulder pads. The specific color is controlled by channel 2.





Notice how the small segment right above the green "leaf patterns" only get tinted slightly, even though it's supposed to be a very dark purple like on her face when I changed the color.


The same thing happens to the back as well, which is much more noticeable.



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I don't have this problem. ._.


Test it out yourself and look closely with dark colors. That part will probably stay gray-ish.


I have a similar problem with Banshee. Her immortal skin negates the Tint Color 3 everywhere except for her helmet.


Yep, as I stated in the OP.


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