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Crunchy Mod Text -- Hard To Read


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Would it be better if we have a huge button in place of the current mod scroll UI (the left side of the image) stating "Check all mods" to see all the Mods (which would take you to the pre-U14 Mod screen), and another button stating "Install Mods", where it would be the pre-U14 Mod screen, but with the equipment's Mod Loadout on top of it, allowing the Mods to be dragged into and out of the loadout?

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I'd probably say, mousing over the listed mods section inverts the proportion of the two panes.


I.e. the mods pane becomes 70% of the screen, and your installed mods becomes about 30% of it. The mods section gets restored to its current size on mod selection; or cursor unfocus.

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scratchy text made worse by presenting said scratchy text at an odd angle, and it sloshes around when you move the mouse

furthermore, that column of stats on the right of the screengrab is very awkward to read

redo as:-

[item]: [value]





you couldn't break more good HCI rules in one screen even if you were trying to

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posting screenshot from other thread




notice how the cards are barely readable and the whole pane is angled so the part my mouse is on (far left) is as "far away" as possible?


flat plane screen please, we don't need menus to tilt and move as we use them for the same reason you wouldn't want your table to tilt and move as you are trying to work on it.

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