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The game needs more MK1 weapons


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As of right now new players start with a MK1 Braton and a Lato pistol, and chances are they will continue to have those weapons until they reach half way into Venus, aka Me.

I think it would make the starting game a lot more interesting if people also started with MK1 versions of the Latron and Strum. This would give new players a choice of assault rifle, semi-auto sniper and shotgun, which paired up with the Lato pistol and sword would give a taste of every weapon type currently in the game from the get go.

I'd personally remove the MK1 weapons from the store since they are the starter weapons, but I'd also give them a level cap of 10 and once they reach that level the option arises to upgrade the MK1 weapon into the normal version at the cost of a few early game materials and 30 seconds in the foundry.


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