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Dojo Holograms Please Explain How To Unlock!


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This is probably the wrong section, but I've searched and found ZERO info on how to unlock dojo holograms in labs. Can someone please explain how to unlock them? I've boosted all the weapons been on every ship scanned and still they don't end up soild.

Eh, you mean the holograms that show the weapons that just float on the sides of the labs looking nice?  

TI think they're just images to show  that "research" takes place in the lab.  

I know I've seen some of them be solid, but I'm not sure they physically change upon completing anything?

I too have all the enemies scanned, and have completed all Dojo Weapons, and yet most holograms are still holograms... there a couple that aren't, like the coprus helmet in the energy lab shows up solid for me.

If there is a way to make them solid, I too would be interested in learning more.

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